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Special reduction plant shreds bulky steel shavings whilst simultaneously recycling the adherent oil


Courtesy of Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

Until now, bulky steel shavings covered with oil have, in the most part, simply been disposed of, thus wasting valuable resources. In order to avoid this, the company GEZE GmbH searched for a method of reducing the volume of the shavings and simultaneously recovering the oil adhering to them for re-use. The company Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH developed a plant for this purpose, which reduced the soiled steel shavings, centrifuged them and finally fed them to a swarf container. The oil removed by the centrifuge was cleaned and re-fed to the production system. A further challenge was the very limited space available and the need to tailor the plant to fit in in such a way that access could be secured to the servicing area.

“We have made it a priority for us to continually improve the ecology of our products and production processes and to use resources responsibly”, explained Kasim Yörük, project leader in Leonberg for GEZE, a world leading provider of door, window and security technology. Until now, the steel shavings, soiled with oil, were disposed of in the conventional manner into a steel scrap container in order for them to be recycled. Compact packing was not achievable because of the volume of the steel shavings. That was the reason the company turned to the experts for waste shredding, Erdwich. The requirement was to build a plant capable of reducing steel shavings or discharging problem materials such as off-cuts from bars of size 20 – 30 mm by 40 – 90 mm which it may contain. Erdwich installed the drum shaving reduction plant TSZ 1500S. “We chose this plant as the solution because it features a hydraulically driven problem material gate with a large angle opening, guaranteeing a problem free discharge of problem materials”, explained Richard Adelwarth, project leader with Erdwich. Also, the feed drum, with a capacity of 1.5 m³ is big enough that no delays arise and feeding in parallel during busy periods is made possible from standard swarf containers via the platform on site. 

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