Specialized systems for offshore oil platforms


Courtesy of LIFESTREAM Watersystems Inc.

Lifestream provides desalination systems to meet the complex needs for water on oil drilling platforms. Specialized features provide flexibility to the operation of the system as well as safety. When planning an installation, the end user can choose to add the features shown to the standard R/O system.

Hazardous Location Requirements

Systems are built to Class 1, Group B, Division 1 standards for ail electrical and motors. Control panels are supplied with nitrogen purge systems.

High Purity Systems

2-Stage systems are offered to provide high purity water. The 1st stage purifies seawater from 42,000 ppm TDS to less than 500 ppm TDS and the 2nd stage to less than 10 ppm TDS. This allows the high purity water to be used for boiler feed and equipment use.

Combination Dual High Purity and Potable Water Systems

These systems allow for the supply of potable water and high purity water concurrently. Valving is included to switch to one or the other as well as splitting the water into a portion of each.

Computerized Control Systems

Computerized control systems are available to interlace with the information systems in place on the platform. This allows for remote operation and monitoring of the system. Either Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC systems are available for best compatibility to customer master control system in place.

Containerized Systems/Enclosed Skid Mounted Systems

Occasionally, systems installed on platforms are in a location that is exposed to the elements. Lifestrearn offers enclosed skid mounted systems or systems constructed inside 20 foot or 40 foot ISO containers that act as the building to shelterthe equipment.

Systems are available from 200 gallons/day to 264,000 gallons/day. Contact Lifestream for details on a custom system for oil platforms.

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