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Specifics on Surface area

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Surface area is an important property of solids with many industrial applications. Particle size is less influential on surface area than particle shape, texture, and porosity. Surface area calculated from particle size data should never be used independently. Isotherms are developed for materials to determine their behavior during gas adsorption under very cold temperatures. Characteristic isotherm shapes are defined by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemist ry (IUPAC) and used to describe classes of materials.

The BET method is a way to use a subsection of a material isotherm to calculate surface area for that material. Regulatory bodies define the terms of acceptability for applying the BET calculation to gas adsorption results. Samples must be carefully prepared prior to gas adsorption experiments to remove contaminants. The two main gas adsorption techniques, dynamic flow and volumetric, are described in terms of detection method, advantages, and disadvanta ges. Considerations including changing absorptive gas and decreasing the number of isotherm points collected are discussed.

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