Specify the BaySaver® XK for High Flow Storms!


Courtesy of BaySaver Technologies, Inc.

The patented BaySaver XK Separation System can be sized to treat any flow rate. The system was designed to effectively and economically remove sediment, petroleum hydrocarbons, and gross debris. Since every BaySaver XK Stormwater Separation System is custom designed, specific non-dissolved pollutants can be targeted by changing system components. Using the same technology and principles that are incorporated in the standard BaySaver Stormwater Separation System, the XK design is hydraulically scaled to meet the needs of high flow stormwater treatment applications. 

The XK can be designed either inline or offline. An offline design should be considered when the peak design flow is significantly higher than the maximum treatment rate (peak design flow > 400% of the treatment flow). An inline design offers the flexibility to fit the BaySaver BMP into a tight footprint, which often is the case for retrofit and redevelopment applications. The XK design gives the specifying engineer a number of configurations to meet site conditions.

The BaySaver® XK Treatment System Features and Benefits Include:

-Size to your storm...not to the BMP. Dont let a BMP limit your options in site design and planning. The BaySaver XK Stormwater Treatment System can effectively treat storms that generate flows in excess of 100 cfs.

-The BaySaver XK Stormwater Treatment System features a flexible footprint for special site needs and retrofit applications. One XK system can replace numerous BMPs, reducing installation costs and freeing land for development.

-A proven patented technology.

-Easy installation.

-Customer service from design through installation. A BaySaver professional will be onsite for installation.

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