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Spilled heavy grade heating oil case study


Courtesy of Bio Systems Europe

Heavy fuel oil escaped from a storage tank and entered the drainage system of a large creamery. This material passed to the aerated balance tank which precedes an activated sludge system treating the factory waste waters. Alerted to the spillage the operators were able to shut off the flow to the activated sludge system but not before a significant quantity of oil had passed through.

Bio-Systems Europe, upon being contacted by the creamery management, delivered 100 kgs Bio-Systems EU70 and dosed all the material to the balance tank. As factory operations could not stop and influent continued to arrive at the balance tank, forward flow to the activated sludge system could only be stopped for a very short while as otherwise backed up water would caused flooding within the factory. Flow to the aeration tank laden with EU70 product was recommenced.

Within hours of its arrival in the aeration tank, and before the EU70 had become established, the oil had a detrimental effect upon sludge settlement. After 6 days the deterioration in sludge settlement was arrested and returned to previous values. The effect of the EU70 can be seen the graph below.

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