Split System at a Garment Showroom


Courtesy of Power Knot LLC

Power Knot’s distributor in India, Protronix Energy, working with Kool Nest Pvt Ltd treated a packaged unit air conditioner with the Power Knot Synthetic Refrigerant Additive at Freedom Garments Showroom in Bangalore.

After treatment, the system was operating quieter and more efficiently. This was a proof of concept (POC) that impressed the experienced technicians at Kool Nest and demonstrated real benefits of the Synthetic Refrigerant Additive (SRA).


The Problem
The system selected for the POC was a system from Blue Star. Blue Star has, over a period of time, established itself as an expert in the field of central
air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

This a/c system had been in service for nine years and the customer wanted to reduce energy consumption.

The Solution
The SRA from Power Knot improves efficiency of a cooling system and saves customers money. It is injected into the refrigeration circuit of the cooling system and improves heat transfer by eliminating the “oil fouling” that occurs in a cooling system.

Power Knot guarantees a minimum of 10% savings after the application of the SRA. In the case of Freedom, this will mean the treatment will pay for itself within nine months.

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