Spotting Electric Flowmeter Violations Using a Data Logger

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Advanced dataTaker Monitoring Solution Catches Utility Theft

CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the industrial datalogging solution for Pasco County Utilities, a provider of quality services to customers at a reasonable cost and in an environmentally responsible manner. The Utility Services Branch provided water and sewer services, reclaimed water, solid waste/resource recovery, recycling, hazardous waste, and street lighting service to most of the residents in Pasco County. Unfortunately workers occasionally found that clients would temporarily turn off the power to these meters and then run their water or pumps, trying to avoid being billed for the real usage. Therefore the company needed all their metering data dated and timestamped, creating a legal digital copy as proof of cases of customer tampering. Pasco County Utilities installed a dataTaker DT82I Intelligent Industrial Data Logger to help aid in identifying and documenting this theft. 

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