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Spray-applied barrier is proven methane mitigation solution on former gas station site case study


Project: Rite-Aid Pharmacy
Location: Prospect Park, PA
Products: Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Mitigation System

Background: Situated on a former gas station site, elevated levels of petroleum hydrocarbons were detected in the soil. The area was a prime location for the retail facility and solutions to mitigate the contamination were actively sought.

Challenge: Methane contamination was the primary cause of concern for the structure. The project was to be situated on bayfill which created unstable soil conditions, requiring the project to be put on piles. This process was necessary due to the high expectation of differential settlement on the site.

Solution: Actually, the job was made considerably easier and satisfied the engineers wishes that we attach Liquid Boot to the piles themselves rather than on to the pile caps. Only the Liquid Boot spray applied barrier would be able to perform in these haunches. Liquid Boot was also chosen for its superior track history and methane permeability. We were also had a cheaper installation cost than batten and welded HDPE.

In order to obtain building approval, an engineered barrier was required to build the 12,000 square foot pharmacy. Another major concern were the amount of penetrations and the complexities of the foundation design, which would make it difficult to ensure a vapor tight seal around the entire footprint. As stated, only the Liquid Boot system would have been able to be applied in those areas where the membrane had to be haunched down to the piles.

Result: The solution was extremely successful and installed much quickerthananyofthe competing products could have. The Liquid Boot gas vapor mitigation system allowed the building to be built safely while also saving the custome money over competing products.

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