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Spray-applied barrier is proven vapor mitigation strategy for site with methane case study


Project: Canada Post
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Products: Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Mitigation System, GeoVent™ Gas Venting System

Background: The site for the new Canada Post headquarters was situated on a former industrial location and is a major redevelopment zone for the city of Toronto. The site was contaminated by methane as well as located on bay-fill. Construction of a 64,000 sq. ft. facility will be owned by Canada Post and used to sort mail prior to daily distribution.

Challenge: Contamination such as methane gas and residual VOCs were the primary causes of concern for this project. The project is situated on bayfill which created unstable soil conditions and required the project to be built on piles and spread footings, as there was an expectation of differential settlement anticipated beneath the structure.
The foundation design posed some challenges that needed to be considered when in order to install an effective methane barrier. With the potential for settlement on the site and the requirement of the building to be put onto piles as well as having a significant amount of footings, the project required a membrane that could easily and seamlessly attach to the extensive amount of piles and footings.

Solution: Both Liquid Boot® and HDPE geomembrane were considered for the project. The Liquid Boot® system was not only able to be installed at a lower cost but also installed up to twice as quickly as an HDPE system would have been. Due to the numerous amount of the piles and detail work that was required to be performed on the site, the Liquid Boot® Gas Vapor Barrier System was also chosen for its superior performance and project history on similar type projects.

Result: The installation of the Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Barrier System was extremely successful and was able to be installed much quicker than any of the competing products due to it's benefit of a spray-application and rapid curing time. CET-CO products installed by CETCO trained and certified installers provided the building with proven protection against vapor in-tsuion while also saving the customer time and money.

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