Springhill suites - Ridley, PA


Courtesy of CETCO

PROJECT: Springhill Suites
SQUARE FT: 17,500
APPLICATOR: Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT)
ENGINEER: Earth Engineering, Philadelphia, PA
CONTRACTOR: Harchuck Construction
PRODUCTS: LIQUI D BOOT® 500, LB® BaseFabric T-60, LB® UltraShield G-1000, LB® GeoVent


The construction timeline of the job was difficult as it was put on delay, but when it went, it had to be done
quickly so as not to hold anything up.


The engineer used our base specifications and details to work up plans and specs for the hotel. CETCO reviewed
the information and coordinated bidding to the general contractor. CETCO worked with ACT through adverse
weather conditions and scheduling delays to make sure the project was completed efficiently. Because of
the building's intended use as a restaurant, there were quite a few penetrations on the site. As a spray applied
membrane, Liquid Boot made for the ideal solution to seal to penetrations and the perimeter footing. Because of
elevation changes and vertical walls throughout the area (as seen in the photos) it was imperative that a versatile
membrane be used throughout the site. The use of Liquid Boot provided the versatile membrane while also
providing a monolithic membrane. The outcome was very successful with the entire project with ACT working
with the General Contractors schedule to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

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