SRF Refining (Solid Recovered Fuels), Austria - Case Study


Mullex-Umwelt-Sauberung-GmbH was founded in 1980 and is working in the field of waste collection, waste sorting, waste processing and waste disposal. The company operates at three locations in Styria and currently employs around 90 people.

The demand from the main customer of the solid recovered fuel after removal of chlorine from the SRF led Mullex to decide at the end of 2012 to install a REDWAVE PVC separation in the existing plant. The key focus was to use the optical sorting machine REDWAVE NIR to remove PVC as the main source of chlorine in the SRF stream.

Using a dosing hopper the shredded material is constantly fed to the REDWAVE 2800 NIR sorting machine, which separates PVC from the SRF fraction. After the sorting process the SRF fraction is further processed in the existing plant (ferrous/non-ferrous separation and crushing). The plant has been successfully operating since March 2013.

Technical Data

  • Type of machine : 1 x REDWAVE 2800 NIR 64 2W
  • Infeed material : Remaining plastics from lightweight packaging processing
  • Capacity : 7,5 t/h depending on the bulk density of the infeed material
  • Sensor system : Near Infrared (NIR) Sensors

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