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Stabilization of a slope with a steep inclination due to the enlargement of a peripheral road - Case Study


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The challenge

  • The enlargement of the road needs to dig the mountain that leads to the formation of very steep slopes.
  • The terrain consists of Marl and unstable materials and because of its exposure to humidity, has endured frequent landslides.

Slope with a steep inclination - Slope with a steep inclination and Landslide

The Solution

To stabilize the upper layer of the slope with GeoGlobe in contact with the soil according the inclination of the slope, while enabling lateral drainage, as full protection system, in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The alternative methods
The construction of retaining walls is expensive and they can collapse.
If that happens, the sliding rocks can fall on the road due to the steep inclination of the slope, blocking a part of the road and preventing further establishment and development of the vegetation.

GeoGlobe method and its advantages
To present a durable solution for stabilization of the slope, confronting the
topographic, geological, hydraulic, ecological and economic requirements, knowing that the threat from the fallen rocks is terminated and the vehicles can pass safely.

GeoGlobe technology – simple, durable, aesthetic and reliable
In order to limit the landslides, a layer of GeoGlobe filled with seeded topsoil can be installed above the stones to ensure the drainage and to enable the establishment of the vegetation.

The result
The solution has been proven from both ecological and economic point of view for the implementation, effectiveness for stabilization of the slope, drainage of rain-water and for the base preparation for construction of low retaining walls ensuring the terrain retention. It has a positive effect for the safety of the vehicles and the passengers, due to the fact that using GeoGlobe the falling of the rocks is prevented. All the above, harmoniously integrates with the landscape.

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