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Stabilization of steep slopes of a landfill -


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Stabilization of embankments of a landfill, covered with Geomembranes
The challenge

Construction of a cover of a landfill with geomembranes, in order to avoid possible penetration of water, was very complicated.

The plan was to install geomembranes all around the area. Above the geomembranes a cover of local vegetated soil should be installed.

Slope with a steep inclination Steep slopes of landfills
The Solution
The solution was to install above the geomembranes, a layer of geocells, and to achieve a stable solution for confinement of the soil, and by that to enable establishment of vegetation.
The installation process
The geocells were anchored on the crest by two ways:
By long pins, inserted into the soil on the crest.
By installing a layer of geogrid, to which the geocells were fixed by plastic ties

Than the geocells were fixed on top and expanded downwards.
In order to keep the cells open properly, lot of plastic ties were fixed to the geogrid below and to the geocells above
At the bottom of the slope, the geocells were fixed with pins.
After all the geocells were expanded, anchored or tied, the cells had been filled with the local soil.
The results
The slopes were perfectly protected against the sliding of the soil. The membranes were protected against puncturing. The installation was very fast.

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