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Stacking Moulds


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Stacking Moulds  is a special mould design for molding shallow parts in large quantities,like CD,DVD,Cup,Spoon,Knife, and Fork…disposable receptacle moulds.

Stacking Moulds cavitites are located in two or more planes corresponding to two parting lines and filled at the same time. It needs an exceptional molding machine with long opening stroke.People may expect doubling the number of cavities can realize 100% increase of  productivity.But as it need for longer opening and closing strokes, it usually increase 80% productivity.Also the clamping force will be 15% higher than the standard moulds.

The Stacking Moulds mould section is fixed on the movable plate and the center section is moved in the direction of the machine axis during demolding, at the same time the extension part removed from the Nozzle.So the extension must be enough to avoid no leakage material can drop onto the guide pins and stick there during mold opening.Thus nowadays many Stacking Moulds are with telescopic extension and without nozzle reaction.While the outher section on the clamping side is fixed on the movable machine plate and moves positively with it during mould opening and closing, it need some special elements to guide and control the movement of the center section.The movement is primarily produced by toggles, sometimes by racks or hydraulic units.

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