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Standsted airport - case study


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Background: In late 2011, Bob Burgess of LPL Construction Services made contact with Gary Mills, area sales Manager for Leafield Environmental, in order to discuss a potential new project at Stansted Airport. Stuart Clerkson, Stansted Airport Contracts Manager had asked Bob, LPL Construction Services' on-site man, to source replacements for the current contraband collection units.

These units sit outside the security gates and are there for passengers to deposit dangerous and restricted items that are not allowed in hand luggage, such as sharp items, flammable substances, drinks and other liquids in containers over 100ml.

The Opportunity: The existing units had been designed specifically for the job and had been very expensive to acquire initially. In the cold light of day they had proved to be insufficiently robust to stand up to the everyday wear and tear of airport life. These existing units were made of laminated chipboard, (not dissimilar to kitchen cabinets). Time had clearly taken its toll. The laminate on the lower part of the units was cracked and in places missing, as a result of repeated hits from luggage trolleys and wheeled cases. The door hinges had also suffered and had been replaced on several occasions.

All-in-all, the old units did not befit the modern airport environment that was Stansted. The situation called for a durable bespoke collection unit that could withstand the clatter of luggage trolleys and the bangs of heavy suitcases being perched on the top for last minute contents changes... not to mention the occasional customer using it as a makeshift bed while waiting for a flight-Both Bob and Stuart had consulted several manufacturers but could find nothing that remotely met the brief. Other bin manufacturers were only interested in supplying ready-made items and could not lor would not] entertain the idea of a bespoke solution.

Having supplied Envirobins to the Airport some time before, the company was invited to make a proposal and this is where Leafield Environmental's outstanding design capabilities and willingness to listen and learn came to the fore.

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