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Starndard Batch Treatment of Free and Soluble Oil Wastewater

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Small and Medium metal-based manufacturing plants produce between 1,000 and 30,000 gallons per week of oil-laden wastewater. Typically, the oil load is less then 2,000mg/l as soluble oil. Free (globular) oil is typically removed by DAF, oil-water separator, or coalescer with the remaining soluble oil needing to be reduced to less then 100mg/l in order to discharge directly to the local sewerage agency. Where possible, captured free oil is sold back to local refineries or other firms who utilize the oil for water boilers.

Where soluble petroleum based oils are present at levels exceeding 100mg/l, the wastewater is hauled away to a pretreatment facility for processing. The cost per gallon of water hauled varies from state to state, but on average, runs approximately $0.08/gallon. This is not the total cost however, as additional surcharges are added for mileage, pick-up, toll ways, etc. Actual per gallon costs actual run at $0.10/gallon on the low end – upwards of $0.15/gallon on the high.

For small and medium manufacturers, treatment of the oily wastewater on site, with ability to discharge directly to the local sewerage agency is desirable where return on investment (ROI) capital costs are between 12 and 18-months, and operational costs due not include the need to hire medium-high wage system operators.

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