Start recycling PET strap


Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Sweed has taken the design of their standard Model 450 Scrap Chopper and improved it to be faster and more powerful. This chopper is becoming a staple for companies processing large amounts of plastic or PET banding; many of them have the Turbo located at each receiving area (or other places in the plant where the plastic banding is generated).

This new high-speed version is known as the Model 450 Wide Mouth XHD Turbo Scrap Chopper. It features a 1 HP motor and additional mass on the flywheel for extra cutting capacity. The unit feeds at approximately 140 FPM (versus 106 FPM on the standard Model 450) and has one stationary and two rotating knives, providing a cut length of about 2”. The wider infeed makes for quick and efficient feeding for the operator, allowing a user to feed 4-8 straps of plastic banding at once. It sits on a sturdy Sweed stand that moves from area to area on stout caster wheels.

The Model 450 WM XHD Turbo Scrap Chopper is the choice machine for chopping plastic or PET banding. Prior to this chopper, the Model 510 was the only unit that could process large quantities of plastic banding; the Turbo is more efficient in chopping the plastic straps then the 510 and it’s less expensive!

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