Static gas analyser at United Utilities case study


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United Utilities, Lancaster, England




United Kingdom


United Utilities


The customer required its own precise, detailed and accurate recording of the concentrations of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen sulphode (H2S) that it sends to its two CHP engines. Dave Bega, Installation and Commissioning Manager for GCA at Stodday, said “The reason we are looking at the data is so we can see the details if we ever have any spikes of increase in the CO2 or H2S or any reductions in the CH4. Each engine has its own CH4 monitor and will auto shutdown outside stipulated bands and the engines are running 24/7 on auto-control.”


Biogas produced by the United Utilities anaerobic digestion sludge plant at Lancaster (Stodday) waste water-treatment runs a brand new 525kW combined heat and power (CHP) engine generating electricity and now operating 24/7. It joins an existing 325kW engine already in service for three years. In addition to biogas from the Stodday mesophilic anaerobic digester, a new enzymic hydrolyser increases methane production further.

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