Statoil - acid flow back, completion fluid and produced water treatment


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

Client: Statoil Sleipner ‘A’

CETCO Oilfield Services was contracted to treat fluid returns from acid stimulation and completion work downstream of the platform test separator. Using a RFV 4000 DF Adsorption Skid comprising of dual sock filters and two vessels containing CrudeSorb® canisters, CETCO tied in downstream of the test separator. Typically 3,000 bbls/d of flow back fluids were treated and discharged directly overboard. On this project CETCO enabled Statoil to meet their zero discharge goals. Statoil concluded that much of their well intervention projects on Sleipner ‘A’ would be unfeasible without CETCO’s technology.

Statoil Heidrun Produced Water Polishing

CETCO supplied a CrudeSorb RFV 4000 DFHP unit, tied in downstream of a malfunctioning hydrocyclone unit, treating the produced water stream for discharge overboard. Typically 3,000 bbls/d of produced water with an average oil in water concentration of 150 ppm were treated and discharged overboard <10 ppm.

Statoil was experiencing similar problems on their Heidrun platform, where existing produced water treatment facilities were unable to consistently achieve <40 ppm oil in water.

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