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Status of continuity forces in Indian industry: a survey

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With the globalisation of market, emergence of competition have demanded an unprecedented level of change and resulted in an uncertainty. As the organisation prepares to meet uncertainties, many traditional management concepts that are helpful in stable environment do not remain equally effective in dynamic and uncertain conditions. In some cases, an organisation may continue to focus on optimising the existing processes. In such inflexible posture, efforts of the management get wasted, assets grow sterile and technology gets obsolete. As an alternative approach, organisations need to adopt strategic flexibility to respond to the continuous change and become competitive. The process of managing uncertainty is fundamentally an effort to identify and achieve the right 'strategic balance' in building new organisational competences. Meeting this challenge requires organisations to manage continuity. In this paper, a survey conducted in Indian engineering industries has been presented depicting the status of various aspects/factors of continuity forces.

Keywords: competitiveness, globalisation, competition, uncertainty, traditional management, external forces, stable environments, dynamic conditions, optimisation, existing processes, inflexibility, wasted assets, sterility, obsolete technology, obsolescence, flexibility, continuous change, strategic balance, organisational competences, India, engineering industry, business continuity, risk management

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