Steady monitoring of potable water in storage tanks case study


MonoScan L provides Taiwan Water Supply Corp. a dependable ultrasonic solution for measuring potable water level in their storage tanks.

Taiwan Water Supply Corp. supplies water treatment services for the city of Taichung, Taiwan. Part of the process includes storage tanks of potable water that are conveyed directly to the city's water system.

The problems

The company used pressure level measurement devices in the past to measure some of the water storage tanks in the plant. However, these devices tend to wear and tear over time and couldn't tolerate the humid environment inside the tanks. The company sought a solution that would cope with the humidity surrounding the tanks and provide reliable measurement results continuously.

Receiving accurate measurement results in a humid environment using ultrasonic measurement device can be quite problematic. Water drops tend to accumulate on the ultrasonic transducer membrane that cause blocking and interferences during the measurement process. Therefore the shape of the transducer housing is very critical; a flat shaped housing will promote water drops to reside on its surface resulting eventually in false echoes, incorrect readings or even blocks measurement completely.

In addition, the sensor material should be resistant to water and corrosiveness. More importantly, the device itself should be properly sealed to meet industry standard and to prevent water entry to the transducer.

The solution

The plant decided to install MonoScan L units on top of four water storage tanks. These tanks reside underground and store about 100 SQM of potable water. It is very crucial for the plant to maintain knowledge of the water amount in the tanks in order to supply clean water around the clock. For that purpose the MonoScan units were connected to the control desk via a PLC, providing the plant engineers constant data of the water level inside the tanks. MonoScan handles easily the wet environment inside the tanks due to its sensor housing unique conical shape which enables the water drops to pour down, thus ensuring the proper operation of the transducer. Moreover, MonoScan is sealed to meet IP 67 demands.


Taiwan Water Supply Corp. now has a reliable measurement solution that provides accurate and constant measurement results regardless to the environmental conditions in its surrounding. Moreover, MonoScan offers a fast return on investment for the plant, ensuring a durable solution that doesn't wear and tear over time.

MonoScan L has a measuring range of up to 15m (49ft) available in two models: short range (up to 5m/16.4ft) and standard range (up to 15m/49ft). It has an accuracy of 0.25% of measuring range.

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