Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Maintaining Hotel Guestrooms and Kitchens

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A steam vacuum cleaner makes hotel maintenance easier. This machine emits dry steam, which dissolves dirt, and, with the right technologies, can partially disinfect various surfaces such as metal, sealed wood, tile, porcelain, glass, stone, and even mattresses and bedding. With anti-bacterial technologies, steam vacuum cleaners can remove more than 99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria on the surface. Many advanced machines also include HEPA filtration systems for eliminating allergens and dust from the air.

One reason a steam vacuum cleaner is a good investment is its versatility. This machine can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces. It can remove dirt from kitchens, bathrooms, guest rooms, and other areas within a hotel. A steam cleaner, fitted with the right brushes, can remove spots caused by dirt, grime, food and beverage spills, and water stains among many other surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary that the steam vacuum cleaner be equipped with the right detailing brushes. Usually, a high end steam vacuum cleaner comes equipped with stainless steel, brass, and nylon brushes. Stainless steel is the hardest brush, capable of cleaning tile, stone, concrete, and other hard surfaces. Brass brushes are used for cleaning porcelain and softer tiles. Nylon brushes are the softest and should be used for cleaning metal, chrome, painted surfaces. For cleaning glass, use special squeegees designed for the purpose.

Many steam cleaners are capable of removing chewing gum. These machines are fitted with special chewing gum removing brushes, and dealers offer chewing gum dissolving chemicals with the machines. These steam cleaners are often used by contractors to earn an additional income removing gum from various commercial areas.

Environment Friendly
If you are concerned about the impact of chemicals on the environment and the health of people exposed, commercial steam cleaners are the solution to your problems. These machines use the cleaning power of heat to dissolve dirt, reducing the reliance on chemicals and other toxic products. As water vapor does not leave any residues, toxicity, or odor, it is the best tool for cleaning. Vapor steam cleaners harness water vapor to clean surfaces.

Because advanced vapor steam cleaners use minimal water, they are perfect for commercial cleaning. The reduced use of water impacts the environment positively, checking water waste and overexploitation of natural resources. Plus, it reduces costs associated with cleaning up.

Portable steam cleaners may have a special mechanism for removing allergens and germs from surfaces. Allergen removing is facilitated through HEPA filters, which trap the particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, including pollen, spores, dander, hair, and other allergens. A specialized germ killing mechanism removes more than 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. This is the primary reason for the popularity of high end commercial steam cleaning machines. Portable steam cleaners generate very high temperatures (386°F) and have high pressure levels (as much as 150 psi), which makes them powerful enough to clean large commercial areas such as hotels.

No wonder these machines are used in almost every hotel, restaurant, or hospital for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of surfaces.


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