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Steam Wash Systems: Simplifying Soap Scum Removal


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Bathroom maintenance is one of the most demanding cleaning applications in most hospitality settings and restrooms. The floors, walls, show stalls, bathtubs, and sliding doors can quickly develop rust, hard water, and soap scum with daily use. This is primarily due to the high moisture levels, poor lighting, and minimal air circulation in these areas. Sometimes, the use of best chemicals or hours of scrubbing may not help eliminate these tough deposits from different surfaces. Remember that commercial chemicals also expose users to harsh components that may trigger allergic reactions. For this reason, it is best to seek advanced yet eco-friendly techniques of soap scum removal.

Utilizing Steam Power
There are many reasons why steam is ideal for tough applications, such as soap scum removal. Hot steam is very effective in dissolving the toughest build-up in bathrooms and toilets. By effectively dissolving tough deposits quickly, steam eliminates the need to scrub away deposits. Steam is very gentle on all surfaces, such as tiled floors, glass sliding doors, windows, bathroom fittings, bathtubs, and shower curtains. Most importantly, steam is an absolutely green cleaning force that poses no threat to users or the environment.

Leading brands have successfully harnessed the cleaning power of steam in their exciting range of soap scum removal machines. The super-hot steam ejected by these steamers helps eliminate the toughest build-up of hard water, rust, and soap scum from bathrooms, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny. Hot steam efficiently eliminates skin cells, oil deposits, and any residues that may lead to foul odors. As a result, the area will smell fresher for longer. 

In addition to aiding soap scum removal, hot steam is also a powerful sanitizing force that helps eliminate germs and pathogens from different surfaces. If you are especially particular about the sanitizing action, it is best to choose portable steam cleaner machines equipped with powerful anti-bacterial capabilities. In fact, the best vapor steamers available from leading brands ensure the elimination of up to 99.9 percent germs, bacteria, and mold from surfaces. Steam thus guarantees clean, sanitized, and deodorized bathrooms and toilets.

Vacuum Extraction Features
Until recently, commercial steam cleaning simply helped dissolve deposits stuck on surfaces. Users then had to mop or wipe away the dissolved deposits and moisture. This implied additional effort and time. Thankfully, it is now possible to eliminate this extra effort simply by choosing portable steam cleaner machines equipped with vacuum extraction functions. To ensure easy disposal, the extracted deposits are directed into an extraction chamber. Since the vacuum extraction functions simultaneously during the commercial steam cleaning process, the entire job gets completed faster, leaving the surfaces dry and clean.

The best versions of vapor steamers from leading suppliers come with temperatures as high as 310°F that helps dissolve grime, dirt, hard water buildup, and soap scum present on faucets, floors, glass surfaces, and bathtubs. Moreover, adjustable pressure levels of up to 75 psi contribute to the powerful cleaning action. For best results, choose portable steam cleaner machines with attachments, such as floor brushes and microfiber towels.

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