Steel mill saves 200,000 € in closed circuit treatment with Cetamine technology - Case Study


Courtesy of Kurita

1. Background

One of the largest integrated iron and steel factory in Mediterranean Region established a new blast furnace with a capacity of 2500 m3 and casting capacity of 8500 tons/day.

The plant requested a proposal for the flushing of the new closed circuit system with a total volume of 1500 m3.The challenge was the blow down management during the flushing operation as it will be discharged directly to the sea. The customer was expecting an efficient solution that minimizes the volume of blow down and the consumption of chemicals.

Looking for a reliable partner, the customer turned to Kurita for a comprehensive and efficient solution for his flushing operation.

2. Solution

Kurita developed an innovative flushing program for closed circuit based on one Cetamine product for both the cleaning and the treatment of the system.

During this specific flushing program, we offered shock dosage of a Cetamine product to achieve a dispersing effect of filming amines on organic and inorganic suspended solids.

A close follow-up was done by our engineers from the start up of the treatment. Regular on-site advanced water analyses and treatment controls were carried out e.g. turbidity, iron levels, corrosion rates.

The results were evaluated by Kurita, the customer and the blast furnace manufacturer company.

3. Results

In 10 days’ time, flushing of the new blast furnace was completed and a smooth transition to treatment of the closed system had been started.

With our Cetamine program, the following significant results were accomplished:

This application provided neutral flushing process compared to conventional flushing which includes an acidic pickling step.

  • Less product consumption compared to the conventional flushing process which required at least 100 tonnes of commodity chemicals.
  • One product (Cetamine) is used for the cleaning and the treatment of the same system.

Thanks to Cetamine technology, the customer calculated that he obtained net savings of 200,000 € in the flushing operation compared to previous traditional treatment.

In addition, corrosion rates were measuredCetamine Filming Amine technology provided an efficient, economic and reliable flushing program to the customer. Such successful solution enabled Kurita to gain both customer and system manufacturer satisfaction and reference.

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