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Steering Environment Preservation with Capacity Building Training

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We are using pesticide in our cultivation in the name of green revolution. This kind of initiatives is generating environmental burdens and has been already identified as boomerang for our existence. Pesticide plays important role in eliminating species from the nature and damaging our food security cycle. Using pesticide is one common example of practicing risky behaviors in our modern life that is endangering the human race ultimately on the earth.

Farmers should be trained up in using environment friendly methods of cultivation in true sense. They have to have enough access to latest information, technology and know how through training oriented program for scaling up their knowledge and skills for environmental protection. Otherwise, unconsciously they will do harm for our environment and it results in great circle of problem in our daily life consecutively and continuously.

On the other hand, urbanization is polluting our environment on a great scale. The amount of carbon in the air is being increased day by day. Over the past few decades the volume of global consumption has grown dramatically. The results of a recent study show that the current growth rate of Japanese household consumption is greater than the rate of technological advance to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.

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