Step-by-Step: Process control eco lifecycle assessment and improvement

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In the new green business climate, global manufacturing companies must continually assess and improve their products and processes to retain customers; gain competitive advantage; and comply with environmental legislation like RoHS, REACH, WEEE, and EuP. Eco lifecycle assessment and improvement processes are required for the management of the critical environmental aspects and impacts of product toxicity, waste stream management, and energy use.

Traditionally, most manufacturing companies have not viewed raw materials extraction or processing as relevant to the overall lifecycle of their products and have not considered the input/output costs of both of these stages when determining total product cost. All stages in the eco lifecycle should be considered, assessed, and optimized to maintain competitive advantage in the new green business climate. European Union (EU) legislation such as Energy using Products (EuP) requires that manufacturers accurately track and report the eco lifecycle costs of their products. Companies that market products from the perspective of total input/output costs and benefits across all stages of the eco lifecycle will garner more market share, positioning their brands as more 'Green/Ecosystem-conscious' and their companies as more socially responsible from an environmental perspective.

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