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Stevens-Connect Helps Florida DEP Monitor Water Resources and Plan for the Future


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), in conjunction with several other State agencies, recently launched a new data monitoring program to provide insights into many Florida waterways. With the objective of easily sharing water and weather data between State and Federal agencies and with the general public, FDEP chose to utilize Stevens-Connect system to process, display, and store data online.

Introduced by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. in 2010, Stevens-Connect is a web-based software program residing on highly secured, remote servers within the Internet cloud. The program automatically collects data from any type of remote sensor or data logger. This data can be presented directly as graphs, charts, forms, or tabular format on a dedicated website that can be accessed from any computer or smart phone with Internet access.

Currently connecting 10 monitoring stations across the State of Florida and with plans for more sites to be connected in the future, Stevens-Connect enables the FDEP and other partnering agencies to efficiently and effectively manage the availability and quality of the State of Florida’s water ways.

Continue reading to learn more about the how the Florida DEP is utilizing Stevens-Connect for their data management needs.

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