STOP IT Commercial Marine - Case Study


Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

Emergency Resposnse:
STOP IT® was used to repair the vent stacks on the barge M/V Mr. Barry when it struck the Louisa Bridge.

A Cargo Tanker out of Lousiana:
STOP IT® was used to repair an electrical conduit inside a cargo tank. The pipe was a 1' stainless steel line with a temperature range of 60° – 100°F. One roll of STOP IT® was used.
'We used STOP IT® on a 1' stainless steel pipe used as a conduit for wiring our sensors in our cargo tanks– the sensors measure the level of cargo in the tank. The 1' pipe developed a crack allowing gasoline to damage the sensors. We used STOP IT® to repair the crack until it could be welded. STOP IT® is a great product, keep up the good work!'

From Tampa, Florida:
STOP IT® is used on a variety of applications including steel, copper, galvanized, and black iron piping ranging in size from ½' to 14' in diameter. Steam, water, and petroleum travel through piping with pressures ranging from 10psi to 135psi.
'STOP IT® works great! We use it on cargo piping, saltwater piping, and steam piping. We have used it since 1992.'

Ballast Line Leaks in Florida:
A 14' diameter galvanized water–ballast line operating at 150psi was repaired using two rolls of 4'×12' STOP IT®.
'Don't leave home without it.'


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