STOP IT Metals & Minerals - Case Study


Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

From a Mine in Illinois:
STOP IT® was used on a rubber hose that had a hole approximately 3/8' wide × 3' long. The hose was 12' in diameter and carried magnetite and water. Four rolls of 4'×12' STOP IT® were used to seal this leak.

'This pipe was approximately eight feet from the pump and is under a lot of pressure and also moves under pressure. Repairing this hole helped us to keep running coal on our weekly start up.'

Steel Manufacturer in Indiana:
Two rolls of 2'×12' STOP IT® were used on a 4' rubber hose carrying hydrochloric acid. The pipe's operating pressure was 60psi with a temperature of 80°F. STOP IT® sealed the leak completely.
'I needed STOP IT® because of holes in hose. Hose could not be replaced due to location in a wastewater manhole.'

Corrosion in Pennsylvania:
A steel plant in Pennsylvania used two rolls of 4'×12' STOP IT® to seal a leak, caused by corrosion, on a 4' diameter black iron pipe carrying process water.
'We use it [STOP IT®] all the time.'

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