STOP IT - Pulp & Paper Mills - Case Study


Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

A Paper Mill in Texas:
STOP IT® is used on several different types of pipes, pressures, and temperatures as a routine maintenance tool. Steel, copper, stainless, galvanized, black iron, aluminum, PVC, and fiberglass are the types of pipes that they have repaired with STOP IT®. Pressures have ranged from 120psi to 600psi with temperatures from ambient to 212°F. STOP IT® has been used on ¼' to 10' diameter piping that carries water, steam, and various chemicals. This plant has twenty millwrights and all have been pleased with the results they have achieved with STOP IT®.

'This is an industrial facility and STOP IT® eliminates costly 'down time' in many cases.'

Handle Emergency Repairs With Ease:
At a major U.S. Pulp & Paper plant STOP IT® has been used on steel, stainless, galvanized black iron, PVC, and fiberglass pipes with diameters ranging from 2' to 24', carring water and pulp stock. Pressures on these applications have ranged from 10psi to more than 150psi with temperatures ranging from ambient to 150°F.
'I work tour maintenance. We do emergency maintenance. We have to get things back up and running. Works great on emergency repairs and can be put back in service until shut down to make permanet repairs later on. Thank You!'

From a Plant in Kentucky:
STOP IT® was used on a 1½' diameter polyethlene pipe carrying 98% sulfuric acid at 60psi and 80°F. Two rolls of 2'×4' STOP IT® were used successfully on the application.
'Product was purchased to try on this system and has worked out fine. Has been in service over one year.'

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