STOP IT Refineries & Petrochemical - Case Study


Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

Major Southern Refinery in Mississippi:
STOP IT® was used on a 3/4' diameter galvanized pipe carrying steam condensate. The operating pressure was 135psi with a temperature of 200°F. They used two rolls of 2'×4' STOP IT® to seal the leak.

'Thanks for providing a quick and economical fix for leaks that do not lend themselves to clamps. Provides time until system shutdown allows replacement to be made.'

From a Refinery in the Houston / Texas City, Texas Industrial Complex:
STOP IT® was needed because they odorize natural gas and the product is very concentrated. Any little leak is a cause of great concern. They used two rolls of 2'×12' STOP IT® on a 2' diameter black iron pipe carrying mercaptan. The operating pressure was 60psi with an ambient temperature.

'This is the best 'quick fix' for odorant leaks I have ever used, and in gas odorant leaks time is everything.'

From St. Albans, West Virginia:
STOP IT® was used on a 6' diameter steel pipe carrying TBA. The operating pressure was 12psi with a temperature of -10°C. Eight rolls of 4'×12' STOP IT® were used to seal this leak.

'So far, I've used your product several different times on various types of chemicals, air lines, and natural gas lines, and all with excellent results. I am a strong believer in your product and have recommended it to different people.'

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