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Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

Since 1986, InduMar Products Inc. has provided a unique solution for the fluid processing industries with the STOP IT Repair System. Refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills and the mining industry all have pipes carrying products that are often highly flammable, toxic or corrosive and the STOP IT system provides a method to restore product and profit flow in minutes instead of the many hours required to cut out a pipe sec-tion, fabricate and install a new piece.

Other industries including municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, food processors and the offshore and marine industry have found STOP IT to be the quick, cal way to affect needed repairs.

“The STOP IT Pipe Repair System is an economical repair for most leak and reha-bilitation situations for pipes operating up to 400 psi,” manager.

The system consists of the STOP IT fiberglass tape, which is coated with polyurethane resins that are activated by immersion in water. Fix Stix™ epoxy putty completes the system by providing a fast setting steel filled epoxy that can be used to stop low pressure active leaks or reinforce badly worn pipe wall in metal, fiberglass or plastic pipes. The STOP IT Pipe Repair System can be quickly applied by one man with no tools, no hot work and it fully cures to a hard, durable repair in half an hour. 

The company’s product line has a very loyal and long-term customer base. “I, and countless others I have worked with, have used the STOP IT line for emergency repairs time and time again with great success,” said a products manager at a leading paper and packaging products company. “To my recollection, I can never remember a failure when used properly. It always allowed us a quick temporary fix to get back on line — then gave us needed time to plan and prep for permanent repairs on scheduled down days.

“It’s just one product I have used more times than I could ever count. It has never failed me and has kept us from going down unscheduled, and costing us money, time and again.”

Increased reliability and quality standards of composite repairs have led to a wider acceptance and demand for the technology. To meet that demand, InduMar’s subsidiary InduMar Systems LP released Stop It HP™ and Stop It HP Flat Patch for repair and rehabilitation of systems operating up to 2,000 psi while providing as high as a 5:1 safety margin.

“STOP IT HP’s combination of a formulated resin and aramid cloth allows it to stand up to the harshest conditions and is an excellent choice for thin walled pipes,” said Lacy. “It’s been tested on pinhole leaks (one-eighth of an inch in diameter) to 10,000 psi without failure.”

Applications can be made regardless of pipe orientation and result in a durable coating approximately five millimeters in thickness with superior pressure sealing capabilities.

Following preparation of the area to be treated, the resin is dispensed directly on the aramid reinforcement cloth tape. The wetted tape possesses a usual working time of about 10 minutes, however the exact application time will depend on the specific conditions under which STOP IT HP is being applied.

Operations may be resumed in as little as four hours after the completed application, though it will exhibit maximum pressure performance when allowed to cure as a complete application for 24 hours.

InduMar is able to provide efficient, superior service because of its unmatched experience and dedicated personnel. It has been helping companies repair pipe and fitting leaks and get back on line, quickly and safely, for more than a quarter century. As a leader in the field of leak repair, InduMar offers the products and services you need.

  • The company operates in all markets where pipe leaks are a problem. In particular its areas of expertise lie in: Refinery/petrochemical. 
  • Offshore oil and gas production. 
  • Commercial marine. 
  • Mining. 
  • Power generation. 

 “InduMar’s 27-year history, combined with employee experience of more than 125 years in the industries we serve, provides our customers with uncompromised quality and attention in developing multiple solutions to their problems,” Lacy said

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