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Stopping the waste


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Maximising resource efficiency and minimising our climate impacts through the review of Europe’s main waste law
A chance to:
  • Promote recycling, with EU-wide targets for recycling 50% of municipal and 70% of industrial and construction waste by 2020.
  • Ensure that Europe really does prevent waste, including setting a target to stabilise waste production at 2008 levels by 2012.
  • Oppose counter-productive rebranding of incineration. Diversion from landfill can be achieved with more climatefriendly and resource-efficient methods.

Waste policy is a key part of improving Europe’s sustainability, maximising our resource efficiency and minimising our impacts on the climate. More efficient use of resources in Europe will both help protect the environment, and leave more resources available for the rest of the world, particularly poorer countries. A large part of waste policy in European Union (EU) Member States is defined at European level. One of the key pieces of EU legislation, the Waste Framework Directive, is currently being reviewed and amended.

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