Storm protection - Levee systems


Courtesy of HESCO Bastion, Inc.

Location: Lake Pontchartrain, LA
Unit: C-3315
Project: Levee elevation

When some levees in and around New Orleans subsided, they no longer met US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Category 3 Storm Protection requirements. With the 2004 hurricane season quickly approaching, a speedy and reliable solution was sought by East Jefferson Levee District (EJLD). HESCO Bastion Environmental provided a three-feet levee elevation rise. Over two miles of HESCO Concertainer units were shipped to the area. The Concertainer units would provide protection for the 2004 hurricane season, until a permanent earthen raise could be completed by USACE in the spring of 2005.

While the majority of the earthen levee raise had been completed by the start of the 2005 hurricane season, critical sections of the levee still relied on the existing Concertainer units. As Hurricane Katrina approached, the Concertainer system would be put to its ultimate test.

A potentially devastating storm surge moved into Lake Pontchartrain; standing in the way of Category 3 winds and large waves was the Concertainer system. Jim Baker, director of maintenance for EJLD, visited the levee during the brunt of the storm, to find lake levels well up against the row of three-feet Concertainer units. He was impressed to see the wall holding as waves splashed over the top. It was also evident that the Concertainer units had taken direct hits from debris, without substantially compromising the defense. The HESCO Concertainer wall had assisted in preventing major flooding in the lakefront neighborhoods of Jefferson Parish.

In preparation for the 2006 hurricane system, over two and a half miles were installed just miles to the west. This levee raise was completed, start to finish, in under two weeks, using a limited crew; it currently provides protection to thousands of residents.

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