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Stormwater availability in the Gaza Strip, Palestine

Stormwater harvesting has become an important water resource. The rational runoff formula has been applied using GIS as a tool to estimate runoff amounts from different landuse categories. These amounts have been estimated to be 37 Mm? in the existing landuse and will reach 43 Mm? for planned landuse, i.e. urban development expansion. Continuous urbanisation will result in more wastage of rainfall that could be used for replenishment of groundwater. The Gaza Strip was divided into seven geographic zones, the potential amounts of rainfall runoff in each zone were estimated, and accordingly, conveying infrastructures and infiltration systems are identified. Of course, this will add a new resource to the water budget, which will suffer from a deficit estimated to be 100 Mm? per year by the year 2020. This and other non conventional resources will together bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Keywords: Gaza Strip, groundwater recharge, land use, Palestine, stormwater harvesting, water budget, water resources, runoff formula, urban development, rainfall runoff

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