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Strategic life-cycle modelling and simulation for sustainable product innovation

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Many specific methods and tools have been developed to deal with sustainability problems. However, without a unifying theory it is unclear how these relate to each other and how they can be used strategically. A Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) is being developed to cover this need for clarity and structure. The aim of the papers of this review is to study how this framework can guide the use and improvement of detailed methods and tools, in particular to support Sustainable Product Innovation (SPI). First, a new strategic life-cycle management approach is presented, in which the selection of aspects to be considered are not based on typical downstream impact categories, but on identified major violations of sustainability principles. Then it is shown, in theory and practice, how this approach can inform other methods and tools like systems modelling and simulation, as a basis for an integrated 'toolbox' for SPI.

Keywords: sustainable product innovation, planning, strategy, backcasting, LCA, life cycle assessment, SLCM, strategic LCM, life cycle management, systems, modelling, simulation, sustainability, strategic sustainable development

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