Strategies for utilizing alternative fuels by Iranian passenger cars

Abstract: The current paper is an attempt to find a sustainable fuel strategy for passenger cars in Iran. Currently, most of Iran’s passenger cars consume gasoline, a non-renewable fossil fuel. This fuel has well-known environmental impacts, including various kinds of pollutions, as well as the threat of quick running out. These general negative characteristics of gasoline are amplified by the high consumption rate of Iran’s transportation sector, (e.g. about three times more than that of UK). The objective of this paper is firstly selecting possible alternative fuels for Iran’s transportation sector, and then proposing the percent of cars consuming these alternative fuels (along with gasoline). The best strategies are proposed based on environmental and economic considerations, and hence are more sustainable decisions comparing with the other strategies. The best strategies are found using partial order theory and Hasse diagram technique, which is a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) tool.

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