Stream restoration and slope stabilization project case study


Courtesy of Envirolok LLC

‘Gerber Legendary Blades’, a division of Fiskars, is a manufacturer of jack-knives for outdoors enthusiasts. The Gerber corporate headquarters was built in the late 1970’s near Portland, Oregon. The parking lot was built an adequate distance from the stream running through the property, and paved with asphalt.

In the late 90’s, continued development of impervious surfaces up-stream and the expansion of Interstate 5 caused erosive conditions to worsen. In 2006, the result of major storms and very serious rain events, ferocious stream flows began undermining the structure of the parking lot.

Gerber attempted to repair the damage using several different methods, including soil lifts wrapped in geotextile. Back-fill was found 10’ down from previous efforts to protect the site. All efforts to repair the site failed and Gerber was looking for an environmentally-friendly long-term solution.

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