Strict Quality Assurance Procedures Ensure Reliable Vapor Intrusion Protection


Courtesy of CETCO

PROJECT: Toronto Fire Services
LOCATION: Toronto, ON, Canada
SQUARE FT: 6,000
APPLICATOR: Terrafix Environmental
ENGINEER: Golder Associates
CONTRACTOR: A-Plus General Contracting
PRODUCTS: LIQUI D BOOT® , LB® BaseFabric T-60, LB® UltraShield G-1000


The construction timeline of the job was difficult as the General Contractor had to have the work completed in a very small amount of time. Scheduling and coordination of material and labor to the jobsite was critical to making it work.


In working with Terrafix, Golder Associates was able to develop a comprehensive plan for the site to prevent vapor intrusion. This is slightly different as they went through the applicator and not through us, but demonstrates the good knowledge base that Terrafix has. They did two smoke tests on the site; one after the initial installation as usual and then another after the rebar had been installed by another sub-contractor. The second smoke test revealed damage caused by the rebar contractor. With any other membrane aside from Liquid Boot, this would have been a major problem, but the Liquid Boot system was easily repaired. Both smoke tests helped to ensure the integrity of the vapor tight membrane. The solution was successful and is preventing vapor intrusion from entering the building.

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