Xiamen Jiarong Technology Corp., Ltd.

STRO Leachate Sewage Treatment Equipment


Jiarong STRO system is a new structural membrane module developed specifically for leachate and high-salt wastewater treatment. Due to its special fluid structure design, it has superior anti-pollution ability and outstanding technical advantages with simple pretreatment condition and high membrane area loading. 

Technical details:

  • Feed flow range(per module): 0.8-2m³/hr
  • pH range:3-10 (2-13 when cleaning)
  • Pressure rating: 75bar,90bar, 120bar
  • Typical size: 9mx2.2mx3m


  • landfill leachate treatment
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Leachate concentrate
  • Desulfurization wastewater and coal chemical wastewater
  • High concentration of materials
  • Marine(mobile) seawater desalination

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