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Structure and performance of industries in Madhya Pradesh in India

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Madhya Pradesh (MP) has emergence of industrial sector characterised by small- and medium-scale industries. Present study is based on annual survey of industries for 19 industries group called 'two digit industries' (TDI), which are major contributors to the economy. The key indicators such as net value added, productive capital number of registrations and the employment prospects in the manufacturing units of MP economy are not very encouraging. The study reveals that liberalisation policies of the state could not successfully boost up the industrial growth in the state. Policies of economic reforms have not improved the growth pattern of TDI and relative position in industrial development. The major industries that have shown some improvement in MP economy are beverages, chemical and chemical products, basic metal and alloy, power, automobiles and textile products.

Keywords: performance analysis, business prospects, concentration ratio, regression analysis, India, Madhya Pradesh, small and medium-size enterprises, SMEs, manufacturing units, liberalisation policies, economic reform, economic growth

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