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Struvite Formation & Struvite Wastewater Treatment


The three chemical components for Struvite formation are magnesium, ammonia and phosphorus, also known as MAP for short. Struvite’s chemical formula is NH4MgPO4·6H2O. WWTP managers have used a number of different products and techniques for Struvite removal, and to prevent Struvite formation. Most text books on Struvite control talk about the use of ferric chloride (FeCl3) to control Struvite formation, however it can cause many more problems including corrosion, and the formation of vivianite. Most modern day WWTP managers now are aware that Struvite Remover and Struvite Preventer have the ability of struvite removal of concrete-like rock formations and when utilized as an inhibitor will prevent struvite formation in WWTPs. Struvite wastewater treatment products are essential if struvite formations are present, they can slow the plant process down, or shut down the plant until the struvite wastewater problems are solved.

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