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Study of bacterial activity in fabricated soils

Fabricated Soil (FS) is a natural mixture of decaying substrates rich in alumni silicate, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sources. This substrate usually is used for landscape rehabilitation and is an excellent source and example of environmental remediation. The structure and function of the soil food web have been suggested as prime indicators of ecosystem health (Coleman et al., 1992; Coleman, 1985; Kalevitch et al., 2004a, 2004b). Measurement of disrupted soil processes and decreased bacterial or fungal activity, along with other parameters, can serve to indicate a problem long before the natural vegetation is lost or human health problems occur (Bongers, 1990; Kalevitch et al., 2003). Fabricated soils could be a solution to the problem of soil erosion.

Keywords: fabricated soil, bacterial activity, fermenting gram-negative bacillus, non-fermenting gram-negative bacillus, Bacillus spp, Actinomycete and Micrococcus spp, landscape rehabilitation, environmental remediation, ecosystem health, soil erosion

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