Study on a European Wide Regulatory Framework for Levies on Pesticides

Objective of the study

As there is little experience in the Member States of the European Union on the effects of a levy on pesticides, it seems justified to represent the evaluation of such a levy as a so-called ‘grey box’: both with respect to its economic and environmental consequences and with respect to defining a best working EU wide regulatory framework. As a result, the key objective of this study is to enlighten this grey box.

It should be recognised that such a process of enlightenment is warranted, given the implementation problems of Council Directive 91/414/EEC, the necessary environmental improvements in the European Union to reach the ambitious goals set out in FEAP, and the need to harmonise the internal market on this subject: i.e., in case a levy on pesticides would be defined by the Commission, the basic elements of this levy should hold for all Member States to avoid discrimination.

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