Study on the value of real-time reporting

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Courtesy of Intelex Technologies Inc.

A recent independent study conducted by the Aberdeen Group indicates that businesses using real-time performance reporting (like the reporting functionality included in the Intelex EQH&S Management Systems) realize greater success in relation to equipment effectiveness, production yield, and profit margins.

According to Matthew Littlefield, a senior researcher at Aberdeen Group, “best-in-class manufacturers are more than twice as likely as laggard manufacturers to monitor exceptions on the plan floor in real time, use real-time data in production optimization processes, and in using real-time data for the production release and control.” (Quality Digest, July 2008)

All of Intelex’s Modules come with real-time reporting functionality. The data in the Intelex System is viewable through graphical scorecards that are displayed on corporate dashboards for an instant 360 degree view of your business.

Visit the Aberdeen Group's website @ for the full report.

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