Submission on Policy Options for the Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s waters


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Key points

  • River restoration as part of ensuring green infrastructure is a key means to help reduce and counter the impacts of land and water use and provides the basis for resilient and sustainable water resource management.
  • Sectoral impacts on water resources are much wider than just water quality impacts related to agriculture, which have a recognized strong impact, and the Blueprint needs to consider a multi-sectoral and more clearly integrated approach if the correct measures, including green infrastructure, are to be put in place.
  • There is a wealth of existing experience and knowledge from practical implementation of river restoration. This must play a key role in developing and implementing the options identified in the Blueprint. Networks and related projects tasked with brokering knowledge and bridging science practice and science policy gaps must continue to be supported to achieve this.

We1 represent organizations and initiatives with an interest in European water policy and related practice, the conservation and restoration of rivers and their related wetland ecosystems and the services they provide. Through our partnerships and networks, many of us promote the benefits of river restoration in Europe by brokering and exchanging practical knowledge and experience in this field through web-based platforms, capacity building, exchange visits, networking, learning and knowledge-focused events, advocacy and the general dissemination of information.

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