Success in the Lab Leads to Success in the Field

Success in the Lab Leads to Success in the Field

Superfund Site in Pennsylvania 

Problem:  Degrade TCE in the presence of 1,1,1-TCA


They said it couldn't be done. Most strains of Dehaloccoides (Dhc) would not dechlorinate TCE in the presence of 1,1,1-TCA.


BCI Lab in 2005

BCI developed the first strain of Dhc that could resist TCA toxicity at concentrations of TCA at 15 ppm. BCI's successful culture contained both a TCA-resistant Dhc and TCA-degrading Dehalobactor strain.

In the Field: 2006-2012

BCI's culture was successful in bioaugmentation of the Superfund site in Malvern, PA for both the pilot and for the full-scale remediation (p. 15 in 'Second Five-Year Report for Malvern TCE Superfund Site, Malvern Township, Chester County, PA).  

In 2009 the EPA approved a changed in the Record of Decision (ROD) for this site to switch from pump and treat to bioaugmentation due in large part to the success of the bioaugmentation at pilot scale level. Full scale followed in 2010.

In June of 2012 the regional EPA has further recognized the success of the Malvern AIBS system by authorizing the PRPs to significantly reduce the frequency of the monitoring at this site.


Industrial Site in Indiana


Degrade TCE in the presence of 100 ppm 1,1,1 TCA

BCI's client requested that BCI develop a Dhc strain for the treatment of a source zone containing up to 100 ppm each of TCA and TCE.  The increased concentrations of contaminants presented a formidable challenge.


BCI Lab in 2011

Using a unique microbial adaptation method, BCI developed

a mixed culture of TCA-resistant Dhc and Dehalobactor 

strains able to degrade 100 ppm each of TCA and TCE.

In the Field: 2011-2012

The engineering client insured that sufficient electron donor and mineral amendments were available and that the pH at the site was suitable. 80 liters of culture were shipped to the client in late summer 2011 for bioaugmentation. Early results indicate a dramatic success in that the culture is growing in situ and biodegrading both TCE and TCA. 

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