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Success with failed grease traps


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Mr. Bill Sprague of Sprague Septic, Inc called to request assistance in resolving a problem with a grease trap that had not been pumped for a long time. He advised that the grease trap had a surface grease accumulation of about three feet in depth and that the cap could not be removed.

AquaClean suggestion – We recommended the application of two gallons of AquaClean directly to the surface of the grease cap mixed with 5 to 10 gallons of tap water to cover the entire surface area, which would allow AquaClean to slowly degrade the grease cap.

Bill applied AquaClean at the recommended rate and checked the grease trap at the end of the first week. He called to advise that some improvement was noted, however the trap was still too difficult to pump, and requested additional information. We advised him to add an additional gallon of AquaClean and give the process additional time based on the severity of the problem.

Bill followed the instructions and a week later called to order more AquaClean, he advised that the heavy grease problems had been completely dissolved by the AquaClean application. Now Sprague uses AquaClean for all septic and grease trap remediation, the success rate has proven to save his customers from costly replacement of failed systems.

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