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Successful NRW Reduction Experience in China

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Sino French Water is a company created in 1992 between Suez Environnement of France and NWS Holdings Limited of Hong Kong. Sino French Water invests and establishes joint-ventures (JVs) with local water authorities and companies in China to improve the management and operation of water, waste water, industrial water services and sludge treatment. Today there are more than 25 JVs spread all over China and each one with unique characteristics. With such diverse conditions, systematic methodologies are put in place but applied in a pragmatic manner depending on the condition and maturity of the local company. This paper will explain the various actions taken by Sino French Water in five different phases over 15 years to reduce the non-revenue water (NRW) from 35% to 6% at its JV in Tanzhou, China.

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