Alpha MOS Environment

Suez SITA - The purchase of a RQ Box measurement network motivated by a fast ROI case study

Courtesy of Alpha MOS Environment

The site

  • Non-hazardous waste storage center
  • Located at Villeneuve sur Verberie, France
  • 200.000 tons of waste processed each year
  • Odor control misting system, 1 kilometer long


  • To recognize and quantify the odors emitted by the rehabilitated area and the fresh waste area
  • To validate the correlation between instrument and sensory measurements
  • To monitor emissions and to be alerted when regulatory limits are exceeded
  • To reduce the running costs of the odor control facility
  • To evaluate the ROI of the installation with a view to replicating the solution at another SITA site,
  • located at Isigny Le Buat (France)

RQ Box solution for odor and gaseous pollutants monitoring, including:

  • two RQ Box electronic noses (one at each monitored area)
  • a wireless communication system
  • RQ Net software for results acquisition and display
  • an electronic board controlling the deodorization facility already
  • installed on site.